“P-s-s-s-t! Hey! You! Yes, you!”

April 11, 2020

Local supermarket: Mexican food aisle 4

"P-s-s-s-t! Hey! You! Yes, you!"

A weird guy was trying to whisper in my ear. Cringe!

Now that is uncomfortable. Bad breath too.

He continued, "Shhh. Listen. I got a toilet paper connection. How many do you want?"

Well, the shelves were empty. Coronavirus in full swing. And this weird guy had a secret connection. My heart skipped a beat.

So I whispered back, "I'll take ten rolls."

He seemed offended. "Only ten rolls? You're gonna need more than that. You're standing here in the Mexican food aisle."

"Okay, I'll take 25 rolls of toilet paper. No problem. How much?"

"$10 a roll. I have the good stuff, not some single-ply garbage." He seemed confident.

"Uh, that's kind of expensive, but ... no choice I guess. Where can we make the exchange?"

"I'll meet you in the parking lot in 5 minutes. Look for an unmarked black van. Bring small, unmarked bills."

Wait a minute!

This weird guy didn't build rapport. In fact, he could be a great example of anti-rapport!

The facts, features, and benefits were missing. He didn't even have a company video!

Hmmm, no word pictures either.

How about magic words? 

No. They were missing too.

Great persuasion techniques? 

No. He didn't even ask for the sale.

Just some sketchy dude trying to sell me overpriced toilet paper.

The lesson?

Rapport, ice breakers, and high-level persuasion skills are great ... but a powerful offer can sell itself.



Lightbulb moment.


Our new team members have no skills when they start. 

But … but … what if … we did this?

What if we gave our new team members an incredible offer that almost sold itself? They could have some instant success while learning the skills of network marketing.


And that is how we can give our new team members the best start ever!

All we need to do is provide them with a quick, simple, irresistible offer that prospects will think, “Hey! That sounds pretty good. That is better than what I have now.”

And then? 

Our new team members can take the volunteers.

The science and skills of making great offers

  • How would it feel to have irresistible offers?
  • How about an offer that prospects couldn't refuse?
  • What if our offer was so clear that our prospects understood it instantly?
  • What makes great offers?
  • How can we make our offers unique so prospects won't shop around?
  • When is the best time to take "risk" out of our offers?
  • Can we customize our offers to our prospects' internal programs?
  • What if we could change an offer that would double our income?
  • Where can we ...

Okay, we got the idea.

One good offer will change our career

Good news! We can learn the science and skills of making great offers.

Ask ourselves this question, "If we made great offers, instead of ordinary offers, wouldn't that make our business grow faster?"

Of course.

So how long do we want to wait? 

How much longer do we want to stay at the same bonus check level?

Let's make great offers now that will change our network marketing career forever.

What are we waiting for?

Let’s turn the page and get started.