Are you a speaker? Trainer? A coach?

I am sure you are great at what you do, but …

There is another skill we must consider. To be successful in any profession, we need marketing. So while we may be the world’s greatest coach, if we have no one to coach, this isn’t going to work out.

My good friends, Mark Davis and Bernie De Souza, joined me in writing a brand-new book on how to get more paid bookings. If you need more bookings and clients, you will enjoy this book. Hard-core, real-life examples of how to fill our calendars with events.

If you like straight talk, no fluff, and real methods that work, you will love the new ideas and methods.

The book is available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and more. Check out the book here:

How Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches Get More Bookings

How Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches Get More Bookings

We share the real-world case studies and techniques we use to keep our calendars filled with paid bookings.

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