There is an old saying that you can’t win the race by following the crowd.

So, if you want to stand out in the race for prospects, shouldn’t you also be doing something different?

I’m often asked:

“What unique prospecting method can I use to stand out from the crowd?”

Why not try using your personal newsletter instead of leaving behind a CD or DVD?


If you leave behind a CD or DVD, they are perceived as commercials for your business.

Your prospect reads or listens with sales resistance.

However, if your prospect receives a copy of your newsletter, it is not perceived as a commercial. Instead, the prospect feels that he is peeking inside your business. He can read:

* How your business is doing.
* How other people you sponsored are doing.
* Great product or service testimonials.
* Who are the top producers.
* New announcements from your company.
* How much your newest member earned.
* Personal stories why people joined your opportunity, etc.

Since your newsletter is not a commercial, you’ll get your prospect’s unbiased attention with your newsletter. So try sending your newsletter to your prospect list on a regular basis. Who knows? Maybe your newsletter will arrive on the day that your prospect decides to make a change in his life.

Maybe this idea will cause you to change how your newsletter looks. Good.

Or maybe this idea will motivate you to write your own newsletter. Good.

Most networkers think that they have to have a large downline before they write their first newsletter. But they are missing the point.

If you use your newsletter as a prospecting tool, you’ll want to write your own newsletter now.