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What makes you attractive?

It’s easy to see why some sponsors do well and why some struggle.

  • Would you want a motivated or an unmotivated sponsor?
  • Would you want a positive or a negative sponsor?
  • Would you join a sponsor who made negative comments about others?
  • Would you join a sponsor who complained about the company?
  • Would you join a sponsor who tried to convince you that every company in our industry is bad except one?

Prospects don’t want to join a sponsor who criticizes and complains about others. The prospects see this sponsor as having low self-esteem and a low self-image.

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Mohammad Hosein Deldar says

hi dear tom!
thank you.

Hossain Ahmed says

Thanks a lot sir Reading your all powerful prospecting process blog I’m happy to asking you my Mentor Mr.Fatemi Ghani dxn CA he told me follow your blog
wishes you prosperity good health
Regard Hossain Bangladesh

Ruthanne says

Today I’m going to see how many Colors I meet and use an phrase to get a response. Thank you for the training.

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