What will you do when this happens?

Finally, our brand new prospect joins. Yeah!

Now, how much do our new team members know about their new business? Well, here are just a few things our new team members don’t know:

  • What to do first.
  • The three most important questions.
  • What to do after the first failure.
  • How to explain the compensation plan.
  • The best time to approach prospects.
  • The first words to say to initiate action.
  • How to turn off fear and rejection.
  • How to handle tough questions.
  • Which steps to take before starting.

And the list goes on and on.

Okay, our brand-new team members are clueless.

Thankfully, we have some answers as the sponsor.

But what should we teach our new team members first? Do we have a clue? Well, uh … uh … uh …

How much should we teach so we don’t create cognitive overload? Well, uh … uh … uh …

My first experiences.

They were all bad. I sponsored people, didn’t even know the three most important questions (clueless), watched my team members fail and disappear. Then, I would rinse and repeat.

Yes, I sponsored new people to replace the people I ruined. I definitely was not a smart sponsor.

This is hard work. We prospect, present, close, and more to get someone started, only to ruin them quickly. It took me time to notice this dysfunctional pattern.

There is an old saying in Texas that goes like this:

“If you are putting people on the front of the wagon as fast as they are falling off the back of the wagon, that ain’t smart.”

One set of skills we learn as professional network marketers is how to be a great sponsor. Yes, we can influence how well our new team members start. We can give them the exact tools they need to handle the challenges ahead.

This isn’t rocket science. We can learn these skills. And we don’t have to pay a fortune.

To make this easier, Keith and I put the best smart sponsor skills in the latest “Big Al” book.

Learn how to be a smart sponsor in 90 minutes while reading this inexpensive book over a cup or two of coffee.

What Smart Sponsors Do: Supercharge Our Network Marketing Team

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