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How to duplicate with training with Maqsud Mir

January 19, 2023

The Networker Zone Podcast > How to duplicate with training with Maqsud Mir

Show Notes

Super saturdays and pivoting to online

Using the right tool for your prospect

Risking $15,000 in ads

Found out it doesn’t work

Reach out to your upline

Use the system

Entrepreneur skills

Staying in the game

Showing up

It’s about the freedom of being your own boss

Effectiveness is more powerful than just showing up

After the presentation start the training

Not too long

Weekly meetings

Developing leaders

Give them the right tools

Onboarding training

Didn’t skip a beat during lockdown going virtual

It’s how you transition

Google meet, zoom, facetime, anything possible

Teaching how to use technology

How to close virtually and handling objections

Commitment vs comfort

Going hybrid

450 people live to 2200 virtual and 3000 replay

Couldn’t do a live 7 day training, go virtual

Virtual gives you reach

Brian’s testimonial

Keeping it fun

Joined without a tool

Persisting with obstacles

Never misses an event

Drives his team 17 hours to be there

Finding an alternative to meeting rooms

Incentive trips to learn from the top

Understanding the business at a different level

How to Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume 1 and 2 books

Creating duplication

Getting your team to read books

Giving them a task to do

No shortcuts to developing a leader

Building an Empire

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