Don’t quit and lose millions with Ruth Bradford

Show Notes

  • Network Marketing found her
  • Stepping outside her comfort zone
  • Get through the fear with teamwork
  • The cross country bus ride to an event that changed her life
  • Overcoming the limiting voices in our heads
  • Listening to empowering beliefs
  • Just don’t quit
  • Leading by example - sacrifices, trying new things, and challenging yourself
  • Asking for help, don’t suffer in silence
  • If you don’t stay close to the fire, your flame will burn out
  • How one phone call can change your life
  • Don’t take anything for granted
  • From almost quitting to having the most guests at a meeting
  • Working the 5-9
  • How a $30 check is proof
  • Always call and follow up
  • How the internet created a massive worldwide organization
  • Having so many leaders you can’t keep up counting them
  • Everybody is a diamond in the rough, go through the pressure to let their light shine
  • Building to lead by example, even when you can just sit back and collect
  • Belief builds
  • First thing in the morning books and audios
  • Do what you have to do to work through you have identified as your roadblocks
  • Thrive not just survive
  • Believe in yourself, you are more than you ever dreamed you can be
  • Believing is like breathing, you don’t have to think about it
  • Know you’re worth it

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