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Sponsoring and using ‘pit stops’ with new distributors with Alain Galle

December 13, 2021

The Networker Zone Podcast > Sponsoring and using ‘pit stops’ with new distributors with Alain Galle

Show Notes

Make the most of your sunny days in business

Making your business fun and have the lifestyle
Doing and saying the right things with taking action
Getting good results leads to fun
Frustration leads to quitting
Learn the skills

Results/success and can be different for everyone
If you're frustrated, you’re not motivated
Get to the basics
Keep things so simple

Plan should match their expectations
Learning curve and duplication
Find someone successful, copy them, get the same results

Learn something, do something, smell the taste of the results
If you don’t like the results don’t repeat it

Motivation and self motivation
Motivation vs frustration

Using Zoom
If you do it enough, you will always get results
Strategy meetings = Pit stops for you new teammates
Schedule them in advance

Events are for the diehards
Like a football game, it’s better in person live
More emotion at the event
More motivationMore commitment

Travel incentive/benefit to attend events

Balancing several products or services
Focus on the simple, door opener
What does the customer need

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