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How to instantly shift your perspectives to change your mindset with Dean Fox

January 28, 2022

Show Notes


Shift and things change
In business and in life
We all have challenges

Hurdles in life
‘In’ the way or ‘On’ the way
Who I need to become in order to have the things that I want?

Same economic condition with different results

Fear of rejection
Meeting cancellation
What emotions do you go through?
New information
Same event, two different emotions
The way we interpret the events that happens to us is what leads to our emotions
Emotions direct our actions
What do I really know?
Everything else is made up by me

React vs respond

Mindset of job vs business
We have total control
What is the reason you decided to start

Small piece of a billion dollar brand
Treat it as you ran the whole brand
If I were in the CEO shoes
The mindset comes first

What are you willing to give in order to get it?

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You don’t have it all figured out right now
Point yourself in a direction and follow that path