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The #1 key to overnight success

March 17, 2022

The Networker Zone Podcast > The #1 key to overnight success

Show Notes

#1 key to overnight success is to build a network

Can’t build the network overnight, but you can have the overnight success
Group of people you have influence with

People with networks
Top income earners
New podcasts from celebrities
Social media fundraisers

Create Influence: 10 Ways to Impress and Guide Others 
Start with one way and implement
Make it enjoyable

Believe in your offer
Use the term options
Quick Start Guide to Network Marketing 

Easier to build a network in 2022
Use your phone apps
Give value to others
Parallel with your product or service

Record a 20 second video selfie
Promote on your social media accounts

Be yourself and keep it simple

Network Marketing Questions Facebook group

The Four Core Skills

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