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Social media engagement tips with Randy Steen

April 7, 2022

The Networker Zone Podcast > Social media engagement tips with Randy Steen

47 years in the industry

Don’t spam your social media feeds
Creating engaging social media
Using humor
Don’t belittle yourself
A happy brain is a receptive brain

One or two products
Interest, help or passionate about
They get involved and find out about more 

Previously with insurance
20 years of zero or below zero
Found out how to do it

What kind of need are you looking to fill
Enjoyed talking to people
One day I might make it

Go to events
Someday I can be on that stage
Social events

Asking questions and taking volunteers
Talk then a quick video

Timing or the wrong approach leads to negative prospects

Zoom trainings
Facebook group for updates
Creating content for the team to share
Tip of the day