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Leadership by example with Maxandra Desrosiers

May 26, 2022

The Networker Zone Podcast > Leadership by example with Maxandra Desrosiers

Show Notes

Time to reflect
If what I’m doing hasn’t been working, than am I open to learning and doing something different
Ask the right questions

Are you on autopilot
What have I done with my life

Are you doing with your team what your upline is not doing with you?
It requires me to grow

Are you willing to become the person that can lead 10,000
Look at the person in the mirror
No one is an island
Be honest with yourself
Be the example
Asking the question to change

What is it that you’re seeing that I’m not seeing
Ask to commit

Creating leaders
Invest your time, most won’t consistently 

The moment you point fingers, you lose power
Let it go and press reset

Setting intentions
Customer service is #1

Following up and not following up
Not pushing to buy

Don’t build on desperation
Push to join, 99% won’t last

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