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Responsibility and gratitude actions with Earl Waud

June 29, 2022

The Networker Zone Podcast > Responsibility and gratitude actions with Earl Waud

Show Notes

Author of Hindsight: The 7 Keys to Living Your Best Life 

Previous podcast episode Hindsight mindset with actionable steps with Earl Waud 

The Jim Rohn hindsight story

Legacy can be passed on with stories and books

Hindsight #2 I am responsible
You are in control
You can’t control those things, but can control how you think about it, how you frame and how you respond

Pointing the finger, then taking responsibility
What he could have done

Focus and attracting
Parking karma

Non-negotiable contract with yourself

I have to vs I get to
Count blessings and gratitude

You have to believe it’s possible for you
You can borrow belief

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