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Closing strategies for network marketing with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

November 10, 2022

Show Notes

How do we close
Do we really like advertising
High pressure closes are ugly
New people avoid closing

How do we get people to say yes
How do people make a decision
When are decisions made
Final decisions are made at the very beginning
Final decisions are made with zero information

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Make an instant yes decision
If they say yes, then we’ll give them the information

Presentations vs options
Everybody wants to have additional options in their life
Replace options with presentations
Replace closing with choices

Do you want (benefit) or (opposite)

Pick a benefit they would enjoy
Would you like to know how I did it

Give people an option and take the volunteers

Instead of (keeping your problem) would it be ok if you had one more option

Prospects are presold

Listen for a problem

Closing book series 

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