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Where are we?

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Solvang, California

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Jan says

Always good

suerayner2 says

I have had so much rejection/nfn am losing confidence, but still in there fighting back. Will be very interested in your next post. Sue

    Peter says

    Sue. If I might be so bold as to make a suggestion. Wes Linden (mastermind MC) has written a book called 79 Tips for fast track success and in it he gives you an encyclopedia of generic NWM advice, one of which is No for Nows. http://www.weslinden.com Big Al and he are firm friends over many years.

Robert M. Pfaff says

Interesting. Have read and listen to several of Big Al’s books

Jovelyn delos reyes says

Thank you Big Al for giving everyday starting how to be a great networker

Csilla Bischoff says

I met my husband at that very same campground in 1991. He is from USA and I am from Hungary. We go up there almost every single year with the kids. One of the beautiful places I have ever been to. Enjoy!!!!!

Sherry Denny says

Doesn’t matter how many times I read your books and see your emails I always pick up something new! That’s what I love about you ,Big Al !

Patricia Guye says

Big Al you’re such an inspiration everyday. i appreciate you so much!!!!!

Jim Bartlett says

The highest compliment in this business would be if someone called you a Big Al parrot! That would mean you are a tremendous success and have made a ton of friends along the way.

    eniledasajous says

    Love your emails and share them with friends in different marketing company than i am , you are a big help in making me understand how to do the business. I am planning to get all your books to show the way to my distributors. Thank you.


I have been friends with Tom since almost the beginning of time. lol –I encourage you to check our his ‘Workshops & attend one in your area & carry a friend with you. If you already have a business and you need that BOOST TO GET ER DONE. Please check BIG AL’S WORK SHOP YOU WI LL BE PLEASE WITH INFORMATION.

Jay says

Love your energy…cheers….

Steve Hennessy says

Love your books, Al! Thank you.

Jay McHugh says

Great seeing this week in Boston…keep rocking my friend…..cheers…

Minnie Gonzalez says

I have several of your books and they give me the confidence needed to work my business. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom.

Darrell Knister says

Looks like you’re at the Obiyamachi Shopping Arcade in Tokyo!

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