Agree to disagree. –

Agree to disagree.

In one of my London workshops, I said:

“In order to participate or take control of a conversation, you must disagree with the other person.”

Why? Because if everyone agreed, it would be a boring world. One person would talk, and everyone would just nod their heads and agree.

This means you should never tell prospects they have bad jobs. If you do, the prospects will disagree and defend their current jobs or opportunities.

Instead, always mention how wonderful their job or opportunity must be. Now they will disagree and tell you how awful it is … and you have created a great prospect.

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Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has 40+ years of experience in network marketing and MLM. As the author of the original “Big Al” training books in the late ‘70s, he has continued to speak in over 80 countries on using the exact words and phrases to get prospects to open up their minds and say “YES.”

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