Clueless in Seattle. –

Clueless in Seattle.

Some years ago, I had this amazing conversation with a distributor in Seattle. He said:

“I talked to all of my relatives, and they said ‘No.’ I talked to all of my friends, and they said ‘No.’ So where can I find some good prospects?”

I asked this distributor:

“Do you think every one of your relatives is lazy, unmotivated, and wants to work until age 65? Do you think every one of your friends is lazy, unmotivated, and wants to work until age 65?”

The distributor agreed that at least some of his relatives and friends wanted a better future.

So I continued:

“You are obviously saying the wrong things to people. You don’t need new people to ruin. You simply need to fix what you are saying.”

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Elizar Palad says

Hello Mr. Schreiter, first i want to thank you for going here in the Philippines for our mid-year anniversary! Really really had fun and learn from you first hand and not just from the audio books (like I said to you when I took our picture, i have most of em.. missing is vol 2 of building network marketing leader :))

Thanks again and hope with your help, that i’ll be one great network marketer someday!

Tom Schreiter says

Keep learning, Elizar. That is our responsibility. Nobody wants to pay money to a first year medical student, but will gladly pay a doctor. Looking forward to coming back to the Philippines next year.

Sue Brotschul says

Hi “Big Al”, I had a chance meeting at Panera’s before your seminar that I had tickets for. You were very cordial to me at the beverage counter and you were most warming at the seminar venue with talking to and taking pictures with me, my friend Mary and my husband Pete.
Time does fly when you’re having fun. Your training was what we needed! You simplified what we needed to hear! We talked about the seminar all the way home. I am hopeful to put this training to good use and make some positive changes for my business. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing you share your training tips again in the future. You are truly a breath of fresh air that can rejuvenate a person! I appreciate you!
Warm regards,
Sue Brotschul
Drexel Hill, PA

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