Cruel, tough love, reality check.

I attended a workshop in Thailand and the speaker asked a student:

“So how much money do you want to make in your business?

The student answered:

“A million dollars a year.”

The speaker then asked the student:

“How many prospects do you talk to each week?”

The student answered:

“About 4 or 5 prospects.”

The speaker said:

“There is a giant disconnect here. It appears that you want to talk to only 4 or 5 people a week much more than you want to make a million dollars. To make a million dollars you will have to talk to at least 30 or 40 prospects a day. It will take a huge effort to make that million dollars.

“So tell me, what are you going to decide to do? Are you going to decide to talk to 30 or 40 prospects a day to have a chance to earn a million dollars?

“Or are you going to choose to only talk to 4 or 5 prospects a week, accept a small bonus check, and lie to yourself and fool yourself into believing you can eventually earn a million dollars?”

Now, that is harsh. But so true.

Wishing, wanting, and hoping are easy to do. Everyone does that.

But look at the activity you are doing now. Is that the activity that is going to earn you the bonus check you really want?