Which “Big Al” book should I read first?

Yes, there are a lot of “Big Al” books with step-by-step instructions on the individual skills of network marketing.

Where should a new person start? Well, the answer is, “One size does not fit all.” But that isn’t very helpful for the new person.

My first book recommendation? “3 Easy Habits For Network Marketing: Automate Your MLM Success.”

If network marketing means more money in our lives, we have to learn the basics. These three basic habits will set us off in the right direction. Every distributor should utilize these three magic habits. And, this is how we should start new team members.

Why habits? Because willpower is weak. We don’t want to base our career on willpower. However, these three habits create the consistency we need to build our business. It is like putting the momentum of our business on autopilot. If everyone on our team did these three easy habits, we wouldn’t have to worry about the ups and downs and outside influences that happen. Our growth would be self-sustaining.

Habits rock. We do them automatically. Even without thinking.

If you haven’t read this book, now is a great time. If your team has not read this book, then we are working too hard. For less than a cup of fancy coffee, we can put a new team member on the highway to success. And if we want, we can even listen to this book on audio. What could be easier?

3 Easy Habits For Network Marketing

3 Easy Habits For Network Marketing

Use these habits to create a powerful stream of activity in your network marketing business.

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