Top 10 “First Impressions” when sponsoring prospects.

We only get one chance for a good first impression. Prospects prejudge us harshly. 

In our study group of over 12,000 people, we took a survey. We asked:

“When recruiting, which factor carries the most weight with prospects?”

The winner?

“The words we say.” 

Saying the wrong words kills us instantly. Unfortunately, new network marketers don’t know what words to say. That is where we come in as sponsors. We can tell them the correct words.

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But there were many other highly-voted suggestions. As we read the suggestions, ask ourselves, “Can I use these suggestions to create an even better first impression?”

  1. The words we say.
  2. What’s in it for them.
  3. Shutting our mouth and listening.
  4. Body language.
  5. Tone of voice.
  6. Intention.
  7. Can the person recruiting me help me?
  8. Our pre-arranged influence.
  9. Micro-facial expressions.
  10. Free toilet paper. 

Free toilet paper? Well, this survey was taken during the time of the coronavirus crisis. After thinking about this, sitting down with the prospect with a hard-to-get giant pack of toilet paper could greatly influence our prospect’s decision. But long-term? The crisis will pass, and the effectiveness of this technique will fade.

As we see, there are many factors that can help us control the outcome of our prospecting efforts. We can improve in each of these factors, and the total result should make us much better in this skill.