Here is how to make your investment friends jealous.

Let’s say that you have $100 to invest. Where would you invest it?

You could be safe and put that $100 in a bank savings account. At 5% interest, you would get a nice, safe, guaranteed return of $5 at the end of the year.

Of course the government wants its share of taxes, so you’d only be left with about $3.50 net. While this is very safe, it’s probably not your idea of successful investing.

So why not try investing in the stock market?

Maybe you could invest in a company. You buy one share of that company’s stock for $100. Let’s say that your share of stock appreciates to $200 at the end of the year.

Wow! That’s a 100% return on your investment. Pretty smart, don’t you think?

Not really.

What if you did this?

You invest the $100 in a classified ad in the local newspaper. By adding a little personal work to your money investment, you successfully recruit one new serious distributor. And with a little more personal effort, you train your new distributor to be productive.

Your return? An extra $50 a month in bonus income. That’s $600 extra per year! That’s a 600% return on your investment.

Pretty smart.

But it gets better.

What if you invested the $100 in training?

Maybe you invested the $100 to go to your company’s regional training seminar. At the seminar, you learned how to prospect and recruit new distributors without running an ad.

In other words, you won’t have to spend $100 to run an ad every time you want to locate and sponsor a new distributor. Instead, you’ve learned expert methods of locating hot prospects without having to spend any money.

Now you can sponsor one new distributor every month who earns you an extra $50 in monthly income. At the end of the year, you’d have an extra monthly income of $600. That’s $7,200 extra a year — a 7,200% return on your investment.

And that’s the kind of investment return that separates part-time distributors from financially-independent leaders.