How to get more customers for our nutrition business.

“Disagreeable people.”

In conversation, people want to disagree with what we say. If everyone agreed in conversations, it would be a boring world.


Ask ourselves, “What kind of response could the sales clerk give us to this comment?

We say to the sales clerk, “Oh, this must be an interesting job working here at this store.”

In most cases, the sales clerk will respond, “Oh, it isn’t that interesting. It’s sort of boring. And, it doesn’t pay enough.”
And now we have created a prospect with a problem that we can solve.

If our prospects don’t have a problem … they don’t need our solution!

Imagine what would happen if we started our conversation saying, “Oh, this must be a terrible job.” Then our sales clerk would disagree and say what a wonderful job he or she has. Not a good starting point for a conversation about our opportunity.

Let’s use this disagreement observation to get some prospects who want better health.

Want a few examples of opening statements that create disagreement?

“Oh, it must be easy staying on that diet.”

“I bet you have a relaxing commute where you get to listen to music for an hour.”

“You look so healthy. Life must be so easy.”

“Husband, 4 children, all with after school lessons and activities. And a full-time career too! Must be wonderful living your dreams. Stress-free!”

Allow our conversation partner to disagree with what we said. Now there is a problem we can help solve.

Remember, people want to disagree to keep the conversation going. A little planning on what we say will make a huge difference.

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