How to get your distributor to learn to be a leader.

To create leaders, you must delegate responsibility. You must help your distributors learn to accept personal responsibility for their actions and for their results. Why?

Too often your struggling distributor will push the blame from himself and onto … you!

It’s your fault he isn’t successful. It’s your fault his last appointment cancelled. It’s your fault he has worked so hard and earned so little.

Sound familiar?

So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to fix your distributor’s problem?

The answer is: Don’t!

Instead, delegate the responsibility of the problem to your distributor. This is one way he will learn to become a leader.

If your distributor comes to you with a problem such as, “I just can’t recruit,” then say:

“If you were a leader, what would you recommend?”

Now your distributor must come up with his own solution. This is an effective way to teach distributors to become self-sufficient leaders. And, this technique keeps your distributors from coming to you with every problem.