If only our prospects understood “Jungle Law.” :)

What is the “Law of the Jungle?”

*** He who hesitates is … lunch. ***

Yes, it is a jungle out there. Everyone is just trying to survive.

But what happens if your prospect says, “I want to think it over, I can’t make up my mind, no use just jumping into things, I have to talk it over with my dog …”

Well, your prospect becomes lunch!

Your prospect is eaten alive by his employer who gradually takes his life away. Your prospect jealously looks on as others who quickly went into action enjoy their success.

Winners in life don’t wait. It is hard to win a race when everyone else has started and we are still considering if we should start.

We can use this “Jungle Law” in our careers also. Maybe we can be the first to take part in our company’s promotions, registering for conventions, doing our required volume, etc.