Why our prospect worships the ground we walk on and wants to join our business now!

As network marketers, we lead sheltered lives. We don’t have to take the latest abuse from an illiterate boss or evil employer. We don’t have to beg on bended knees to get Thursday afternoon off.

But our prospects? Ouch. They are taken advantage of daily.

Commuting through traffic is getting longer and longer. Their lives are spent working and commuting with very brief visits with their families.

Their employer has a very sophisticated strategy to squeeze more work and more hours from their employees without increasing their salaries. Plus, why not give them extra work to take home to get that last ounce of energy from them?

And when the annual review comes, the boss tells the employee:

“Thank you for your hard work and overtime. However, no one is getting a raise this year. Times are tough. There is an economic crisis. But when we do give raises sometime in the future, you’ll be at the top of the list.”And then the boss drives away in his new BMW to meet his friends for a three-hour lunch.

Your prospects know they have spent $100,000 on a college education to get a job that will be taken away from them a few years before they qualify for pension benefits.

They are constantly taken advantage of, abused by greedy employers, forced to commute long hours, and get just enough salary that they can’t afford to quit, and they can’t afford to do anything else.

And now we arrive with a solution.

Our prospects are pre-sold!

The only thing we have to do is to not “talk them out of it” when we present our opportunity.

Now, everybody knows we can’t sponsor prospects using the wrong words, but what are the right words?

That’s the difference between hard-working, broke networker marketers …. and network marketing professionals that go from successful experience to successful experience almost effortlessly.

It’s the words we say.

Now, if we want to do network marketing as a hobby, a fun activity, or as a chance to buy a product wholesale for our mother, it really doesn’t matter what we say. We can just enjoy ourselves as we have no income expectations or needs.

However, if we want to do network marketing as a business, make a really good part-time income, a full-time income, or even the big money in our business … then there is only one path to take. To learn the “sequence of words” to instantly get our message inside our prospects’ brains.

There are certain words and phrases that clearly communicate our message and go directly into our prospects brains, and our prospects will believe and understand what we do.

So let’s not talk our prospects out of their dreams.

Instead, let’s give them a chance to see what we see, and allow them to live the dream of network marketing.

Bottom Line?

Say the right words.

If we don’t know these sequences of words, learn them now. These phrases are easy to learn and help our prospects make a decision to improve their lives.