Sleazy salesperson … or donuts?

It was just another day at the coffee shop. I was taste-testing a new box of donuts when I noticed one of the customers walking toward me. He had that fake smile plastered on his face, and I could smell his salesperson’s breath. You know, sometimes we just get a feeling that the person is all about his agenda, and we are about to be sold to. And, that fake smile really put me off. I wondered why he was sweating so much.

“Hi! My name is Tim. What’s yours?” He looked nervous and continued, “Do you keep your income options open?”

Suddenly, I felt like I needed to take a bathroom break. My stomach churned. I tried to think of an excuse to leave, but he kept talking.

“I have this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity for you. I only have openings for five leaders in this area.”

I couldn’t resist, so I said, “Only five? Why only five? Is this some type of quota or law I don’t know about? Explain this to me!”

The salesperson looked shocked. Maybe no one had ever stayed after his stupid opening sentences. He said, “No, no. It’s just that this is a pyramid scheme and there can only be five leaders at the top. No more. It is the law of physics you know.”

“So, how many people have you signed up so far?”

“Uh, none. They all run away after I start talking.”

I smiled and said, “Do you sense a trend? Pick up any hints? Do you notice anything that is happening again and again?”

The salesperson scratched his head. “No. No idea why everyone runs away … immediately after I start talking. I guess everyone is dumb. This is really an awesome opportunity.”

And … I just gave up. Told the salesperson I had to get back to my box of donuts before they went stale. It was sad.

Yes, I could have recommended the book, “First Sentences for Network Marketing.” But, the salesperson wasn’t in the right frame of mind for change. It was easier for this salesperson to blame the prospects.

Here is the conflict in life. In order for life to get better, we have to change. We can’t expect things to get better if we keep doing what isn’t getting us results. But … humans hate change.

Let’s not expect to improve if we resist changing what isn’t giving us results now.

And if you need better first sentences, read this book: