One Good Investment Is Worth a Lifetime of Labor.

While on the Norwegian Star cruise ship, I sat across the table from a very, very old man. He told me his life story in about one minute. This is what he said:

“I moved to California in 1939 and started a bank with a couple of friends. California grew, so our bank grew along with it. Eventually, we became the fourth-largest bank in California. A big bank bought us and we made millions of dollars on the sale.

“And young man, here is what I learned. That one good investment is worth a lifetime of labor.”

And then I thought, “And if we don’t have a good investment, then we are sentenced to a lifetime of labor!”

We all know someone who bought an inexpensive house on the coast and 30 years later sold it for a million dollars. Or, we know about someone who invested in Apple stock 20 years ago. 

There are plenty of case studies of individuals who made one investment, and that investment earned them more money than they ever earned at their jobs.

Everyone wants to have a great investment, but here are the excuses I hear:

* “I don’t have any money to invest in stocks.”

* “I am afraid of taking the money out of our savings account as I might lose my investment.”

* “Real estate is too expensive now. I can’t afford to buy property.”

* “I don’t know what investment to make. I have never done this before and I am afraid of taking a risk.”

Well, these excuses work. People don’t even try to get one good investment.

But we can change that. With network marketing, all people really have to invest is time into their businesses. And if they are serious, they can afford to invest a little time.

That means little or no financial risk.

Now there are no excuses for not having an investment that could pay off big. 


Just think of this. Maybe your distributors complain that they just haven’t made any money yet. That could be true. But, there is a chance that they may find one good person who will earn them $1,000 a month, every month for the rest of their lives.

Now, that’s a great investment, right?

Try to use this principle to keep your distributors “in the game.” After all, if they quit, there is no chance that their investment will ever pay off.

And what if your new distributor was shy? Could your new distributor tell this “cruise story” once a day? The story only takes a minute, and it is only a story. No rejection.

Your new distributor could say, “Want to hear a quick story about what happened on a cruise ship?”

Most prospects would say, “Yes.”

Now, if your new distributor invested one minute a day telling this story (it could be done on coffee break), and did this for one month, 30 prospects would have heard that story.

Out of 30 prospects, some might say, “Hey, you’re right. I need a good investment.” Let’s say only 10% said that. That would mean sponsoring three new distributors a month, just with this story.

And the 27 people who heard the story and just didn’t see how it would change their life? Maybe they were having a “bad coffee day.” They would say, “Nice story.” And life would go on.

Three new distributors are sponsored a month. One little story. Is that better than what your distributors are doing now?

This is taken from the book: “How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories”

How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories

How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories

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