When losers unite.

In the early 1970s, personal development was in its infancy. A couple of networking friends and I heard the term, mastermind. So, we got together once a week at a restaurant and “masterminded” for two hours. We read books by Joseph Murphy, learned how to control our mindset, and how to be positive. We talked about the high-level skills of our subconscious minds.

Yeah, we were a bunch of losers that got together to talk about success principles. And what happened? We felt so much better about being losers.

We talked, talked, and talked. But when we left our weekly mastermind, our prospects didn’t care about what was in our minds. They cared about themselves. We were pathetic. We couldn’t sponsor new people. We didn’t have the skills to talk to prospects.

You might be thinking, “Then why didn’t you study sponsoring skills instead of subconscious mind philosophy in your mastermind?”

We never thought of that. We just chanted affirmations louder in the morning. Then, we would come back at the end of the week and report how much better we felt about our lack of results.

The lesson I learned? 

Most mindset development is for us, for our own internal use. Our prospects don’t care about our goals, affirmations, or the color of our vision board. 

What will our prospects care about more?

They want a clear message, a great offer, and to make sure it is all about them. And of course, they want us to do that fast. They don’t have time to waste on us.

We should always ask ourselves this question, “How can I communicate my message better to my prospects?”