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Why opportunity meetings are financially risky.

A distributor wanted to continue holding hotel opportunity meetings. The hotel meeting room cost $200. The number of new guests averaged only 10, and the average was dropping.

This meant that the distributor invested $20 in each guest in meeting room costs ($200 divided by 10 guests).

It would be cheaper to hold the meeting in a restaurant, and offer to pay for each guest’s meal. And, if no guests showed up for the meeting, there would be no cost,¬†unlike the fixed hotel meeting room cost.

It would be easier to invite a guest to a dinner meeting with the offer of a free meal — than to get a guest to a hotel opportunity meeting.

This method helps with small or marginal opportunity meetings until the group grows into a larger, more exciting hotel opportunity meeting.

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Jarret Byrd says

Excellent suggestion! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt… – JB

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