How to sponsor using LinkedIn with Dale Morea‪u‬

Show Notes

  • LinkedIn members have disposable income
  • Step 1 - Finding their problem
  • Step 2 - Find if they want to fix their problem
  • Step 3 - Offer them a unique solution to fix their problem
  • Using Google to find their problem
  • Asking questions
  • Breaking out of your shell
  • What not to say
  • Asking permission before taking the next step
  • Dux Soup
  • Scripts to use
  • Filling up the pipeline
  • Getting an endless supply of prospects
  • Dealing with green personalities
  • Short story formula
  • No BS Marketing to the Affluent
  • Banner header with three benefits
  • LinkedIn for Network Marketing: How to Unleash the Power of LinkedIn to Build Your Network Marketing Business