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Control what we can control by creating habits

April 7, 2023

The Networker Zone Podcast > Control what we can control by creating habits

Show Notes

New Heights


Loser mentality quote

Nobody is perfect

You have to control what you can control

Don’t blame someone else

Lack of success

We all get emotional

Don’t blame things outside of your control

What can we control

Time, money, energy, environment, job

Always someone who has it worse than us

Making it work

Can’t control our prospect’s response

We can increase our odds

We can control talking to more people, new contacts and follow ups

3 Easy Habits episodes

Habit 1 

Habit 2 

Habit 3 

Track what we can control

Habits lead to a positive result

We won’t be perfect

What can we commit to

Habit stacking

Become automatic

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