Three Easy Habits (3: Promoting Events)

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Show Notes

  • Setting an intention before going to events
  • You make decisions at events
  • You are the average of your five best friends
  • Promoting events to yourself and your group 
  • Sending personal invites
  • “I look forward to meeting you at the next event.”
  • Duplicating word phrases
  • What’s it like for the new distributor
  • What if you’re planning a vacation - it’s something on the calendar
  • Inviting to an event during the event
  • Lunch, coffee, happy hour, bowling, pool, hockey game, just start small
  • From possibly quitting, to bringing 12, and creating millions in sales yearly
  • Don’t quit and lose millions with Ruth Bradford episode 
  • Quick 30 second videos
  • Using the color personalites
  • The color personalities quiz and free resources 
  • Making it a daily habit to invite
  • Get on the free zoom notification list 
  • 3 Easy Habits for Network Marketing book