The four question system to get a Yes with Nam Do –

The four question system to get a Yes with Nam Do

Show Notes

  • Learn from people who are more successful
  • Everybody’s journey is a little different
  • Finding ways for no rejection
  • How to give out samples
  • Being upfront
  • Using magic sequence of words
  • Using a “four question system” and knowing the outcome
  • Getting them to say yes
  • Learn how to ask questions
  • 1 ask a rhetorical question
  • 2 give them options using tiny questions
  • 3 ask about their current product
  • 4 ask if they get paid
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Opening up the minds of potential negative prospects using questions
  • Don’t be scared of recruiting up
  • Sponsoring tips for people of influence
  • Sponsoring traditional business owners
  • Talk to the subconscious mind
  • Getting people to talk bad about their job to create prospects
  • Learn how to duplicate and delegate
  • Ask sincere questions for new distributors
  • Sow seeds into their minds
  • It’s not about me or the person you know, it’s who comes behind them