Creating unstoppable habits with Ruby Hong –

Creating unstoppable habits with Ruby Hong

Show Notes

  • Get up a little early
  • Pivoting a traditional business
  • Balancing a traditional business with being a distributor
  • Motivation to pivot and change
  • Personal development 
  • Pushing through the hard times
  • Direct sales has been the steadiest income
  • Stay in the loop
  • Very skeptical and started with the product
  • Using social media to promote
  • Instead of passing a drink, passing a shake
  • 180 degree change
  • Creating habits for health and business
  • Start with a story
  • It’s something I have to believe in
  • Belief = doing a little bit more, then a lot more
  • Being truthful and passionate
  • Giving it 100% and making it happen
  • Weekly schedule staying connected
  • The Four Color Personalities for MLM
  • The Power of Now with Eckhart Tolle