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Part 2: Creating Offers They Can’t Refuse with Tom Big Al Schreiter

October 10, 2023

The Networker Zone Podcast > Part 2: Creating Offers They Can’t Refuse with Tom Big Al Schreiter

Show Notes

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Head Trash 
They read our body language
They listen to our tone of voice
They observe our micro-facial expressions
They judge the words we say

Here are 10 things we can do to instantly change our agenda 

#1 Our mission is not to sell prospects what they don’t want. 
#2 We don’t want to manipulate people into our agenda. 
#3 What we offer is an improvement for our prospects’ lives. We don’t have to convince them. 
#4 We are not asking a favor or asking them to buy. 
#5 Prospects know their personal situation far better than we do. 
#6 Our job is to get our prospects to hear what we have to offer.#7 Prospects are saying “yes” to us when they agree to a conversation.
#8 Prospects say “no” to an offer, not to us personally.
#9 Prospects say “no” because of their current personal circumstances.
#10 We are not in charge of our prospects’ decisions and choices in life. We didn’t choose their spouses or their jobs.

List of reasons why not 
No money
Don’t believe us
Afraid of change
Mother dropped them on their head
Don’t qualify
Dumb, confusing offer

#1. Understanding our audience. This is why listening to our prospects’ problems makes so much sense. 

#2. Create an option for our prospects that is better than their current situation. 

#3. Present our option as a gift. They can use the gift or not. This removes our agenda and calms our prospects.

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