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How to turn hope into belief with Alain Galle

February 15, 2024

The Networker Zone Podcast > How to turn hope into belief with Alain Galle

Show Notes

Previous episode Sponsoring and using ‘pit stops’ 

Hope and luck is not a good plan

If you belief is not there, it’s too hard

Fast as possible to get a little result

Step 1 Hope

Step 2 Information

Step 3 Take action

Step 4 Results

We are not in sales, we are in coaching and training

If you believe your information is more to the point

Creating leaders

Go through steps and repeat

The longer you are in, the more you know you need to know

How can you duplicate it

Events build belief

Building community

Becomes a habit

What you focus most on is what you get

Make a personal plan

Everyone has different goals

Has to fit their personality

What do you need to do to get to the goal

Define the goal


What information do you need

What do you need to have

Options for scripts

Plus and minus name list

Hitting small goals

Repetition of what works

System acronym 







Top leaders are the biggest believers

You have to be the teacher until they become the teacher

Money makes it clearer of who you are, amplifies

Are you living or being lived

They have to be comfortable with the plan

Stick to the process, don’t risk a bad outcome

Promoting events

Sales is the results of training and coaching

Free Magic Words for Prospecting audios

Master the Four Core Skills