Mindset Mastering Secrets Live Zoom with Tom and Keith Schreiter

Show Notes

Secrets to Mastering Your Mindset book

Dark chocolate endorphins

Growth mindset
Every failure is a lesson to learn and grow
Children naturally have it
Natural growth mindset

Fixed mindset
Need to fit in
Failure is an attack

Commercial language
Commercial talking skills

What mindset do our team members have?
We think different than our prospects
How prospects think

Network Marketing Facebook group page 

I’m a failure vs I failed

How do we get this mindset?

Mantras and affirmations affect our mindset

Mindset comes before success
Be specific about your intention
Ask specific questions

Why vs How podcast episode

Master your mindset by teaching it to your team

Mindset or skills

The world is changing

What’s the worst that can happen?

Take the tiniest action step and do it immediately
Taking action improves our mindset

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