Bulletproof your mindset and adding a survival why with Nasir Super Daddy Qureshi

Show Notes

Nasir Suber Daddy Qureshi
Author of Bulletproof Mindset for Network Marketing 

Without mindset they won’t do much

A secret sauce
No emotional attachment to the results
Distributors build for different reasons and levels
Emotional roller coaster
Manage expectations
Fulfil your own purpose
Objective is to share
Give them a choice

How we say it
How we present the information
Do they know the value
Lamborghini value
How do we present the value

How to visualize the business
Asking questions

Law of reaction
How to control the reaction

Network Marketing Facebook group page

Learn vs. making mistakes

Finding out your reason
Finding out your why is watered down
Dig deeper
Necessity of survival
Protection from fear