Relationship mindset and prospecting tips with Tony Meihle

Show Notes

21 years in the industry
It’s about the freedom, not just the income
Internet makes it faster and limitless
Using zoom internationally

Previous podcast episode
Asking questions and getting referrals with Tony Miehle episode 

Easier in 2021 than 1999

Utilizing hybrid events - local and zoom

30 minute sections
1 Company 
2 Mindset 
3 Skills 

Make it a potluck - Level 6 communication
People love the social aspect

Building a relationship first
Everybody is a prospect at first
We have to weed some out
You need 7-10 key people

Network Marketing Questions Facebook group page 

You need 5 to stay alive
5 ways of prospecting
Gear it with your personality - Color Personality Quiz 

Call your best customer for breakfast
Get referrals
Be in a place of service
Benefits to them

What’s in it for you
WIIFM - What’s in it for me 

51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors book