From Uncomfortable to Comfortable using Zoom and Facebook groups for your team with Steinar Husby

Show Notes

Using zoom
Challenges create action

There will always be training to improve
The year of challenges, do some challenges

5 nights of challenges to create instant activity
8 weeks of focus

Using Facebook groups
Creating Facebook Live
Committing and doing Facebook Live
Safe space to start, uncomfortable to comfortable
Growing confidence

Make it fun mindset
Using videos in your Facebook group
Short one minute or one point of view videos
Becoming a leader by example
Team participation is encouraged

People miss the socializing
Network marketing will fill in the social void

First Aid for Your Frontline, How to Survive Your First 90 Days in Network Marketing book 

The four color personality quiz and free resource 

Humor so people know you’re a real person

Teachable and coachable
Be patient
Not everyone wants what you want

Do something new everyday