Consistency is key with Janet Metzger

Show Notes

Host of the Network Marketers Den podcast 

Reduce turnover
Bring people on board who want to build a business
Don’t have them join to get a discount
Don’t waste your time

90 day goals

You still have to build relationships
It’s not just a numbers game
Online or in person you have to build a relationship

6 levels of communication, Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing 

If they’re willing to get on a call/zoom they have some interest

Personal development while walking
Reading a book more than once

Training your subconscious mind

Group coffee chat
Biggest mistake is they don’t do anything

Take 15 minutes a day to gain education

It’s not about you, it’s about who is on your team

Zoom or Facebook group to focus on weekly goal
Consistency is key

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Will be phrase