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More exposure = more sales

March 24, 2022

The Networker Zone Podcast > More exposure = more sales

Show Notes

Superbowl ads
$6.5 million for 30 seconds

Most popular
Lays Chips
Crypto exchange app
Both companies weren't new 
All about the follow up and timing
Reminder they exist

What are we doing to promote our business
We don't have to spend millions of dollars
We can we do on a regular basis to remind people our business exists

What to say 
Bring it up in a natural conversation

Ice Breakers episode 
Indirect questions episodes
Using social media, planning your week, and recognition tips with Roselyn Wragg 
Messaging simple and easy prospecting questions with Paul Fillare

3 Easy Habits for Network Marketing 
Create new contacts

Option 1 - Learn the skills
Option 2 - Just do it

Snowball effect, positive reward system