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Prospecting secrets for in person and Linkedin with Jeffrey Chew 

March 31, 2022

Show Notes

Author of Prospecting Secrets for Network Marketers LinkedIn edition

LinkedIn professional focused vs social
Looking to network

Most of the time they’re not ready to build a business
80/20 rule for those interested
Prequalified question

Doctor theory question
What happened in their life
Why are they looking
Are they open

Who you are will attract what type of person
Introvert or extrovert
Look for people who are like you

Finding similar professions to network with
You know the lingo, difficulties and challenges
Just go out and be yourself

Using zoom or microsoft teams to close they’re already qualified
Get to the point, don’t waste their time
Too much information shows you’re a newbie
Excitement not information

How to present so they understand
Trained, structure and consistent income
Unique selling point

The One-Minute Presentation

Learn rapport and the core skills