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How to build your nutrition business fast with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

August 11, 2022

Show Notes

Humans hate change
Our minds hate taking the first step
Why our companies need us

Problems are more motivating than benefits
Don’t sell benefits. Sell the cure.

What if they don’t have any problems?

  1. Look for better prospects with problems
  2. Create problems on demand

What are your two biggest health problems?
Sell the end result

Do you have this problem?
Would it be okay if you could fix it?


  1. Compare to something they are already spending money on
  2. Reduce to smaller amounts by limiting the time frame
  3. And what if we are too expensive

First rule: Agree
Yes it is expensive
Instant rapport
We are with their brilliant minds
They can relax and hear the rest of our message

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