How to make your presentations rejection-free. –

How to make your presentations rejection-free.

Be polite. It is just that easy.

When prospects acknowledge that they have a problem that your products or opportunity can fix, before you launch into your presentation, ask this question first:

“Would you like to do something about it?”

This gives the prospects a chance to decline a sales presentation when they have no intention of fixing their problem, or don’t believe that you can fix it.

And it’s just good manners.

We all hate it when we are subjected to a sales presentation that we don’t want to hear.

On the positive side, if your prospects say that they want to do something about their problem, it is so easy.

Just make a simple presentation and let your prospects buy or join.

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Colin Holloway says

Hi it was great meeting you at the stadium nr Highbridge it’s great the way you simply make it look so simple by simplifying what you say and how you say it
Very impressive
John said you were a master at it and I can see why now thank you when I get 5mins I will go over my notes if I can read my scwrall lol

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