How to pick out a leader.

While there are many ways to divide and subdivide people into groups, let’s examine a simple way to sort for leaders.

Two groups.

Group One:
Those people looking for reasons why something will work.

Group Two:
Those people looking for reasons why not.

Group One individuals are fun to work with. They are mature and realize that life isn’t perfect. In their business decisions, they acknowledge there may be thousands of reasons why something won’t work. All they need to go into action is one good reason why it will work.

They may be aware that their upline sponsor is a jerk, their personal contacts are useless wimps, the company’s logo is the wrong color, the delivery of products is sporadic, the local meetings are boring, etc. But if they have just one good reason why the opportunity is good (such as the marketing plan being good or the product helping people), then they can go ahead and become successful in their business.

Group One individuals are not excuse-driven. They look for the positive reasons why something will work and then take action.

Group Two individuals are constantly looking for flaws. Why?

If they can find the slightest excuse or reason why something may not work, they can then justify not trying. They may investigate an opportunity and find thousands of reasons why it will work, but they will concentrate on searching for any little reason not to go into action.

Group Two individuals are people who won’t leave the house in the morning unless they can be sure every stoplight on the way to work will be green. Many upline leaders frustrate themselves by attempting to fix every excuse their Group Two distributors can think of. No matter how many obstacles we clear from Group Two’s path, our Group Two distributors will create more to take their place.

Their motto is: “Any excuse will do.”

So how’s our group? Is it mostly Group One or Group Two people?