This is funny. –

This is funny.

The four prospecting steps:

  1. Build rapport.
  2. Introduce your business into the conversation with an Ice Breaker.
  3. Close your prospect (get a decision).
  4. Give a presentation.

The company pays us to get a decision. Step #3.

The company wants us to do step #1, #2, and #3.

The company already has tons of literature, websites, and videos for step #4, the presentation.

The only thing the company doesn’t want us to do is step #4. The presentation. The company can do that for us. They already have a video or a website or an opportunity meeting.

So a new distributor does this:

Skip step #1.

Skip step #2.

Skip step #3.

And says, “I am excited. Let me go out and give some presentations!” (Step #4.)

Yeah, the distributor skips to the only step he is not supposed to do.


Most people reading this totally “get it” – but if this sounds strange to you, then maybe no one ever told you about how network marketing actually works in the real world.

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E Hedges Jr says

I’ve learned it’s ‘smart’ to learn from your mistakes, but ‘wise’ to learn from the mistakes of others. I’d also add… “it’s even wiser to learn from the best!” Thanks for sharing your wisdom and years if success by trial and error.

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