This is funny.

The four prospecting steps:

  1. Build rapport.
  2. Introduce your business into the conversation with an Ice Breaker.
  3. Close your prospect (get a decision).
  4. Give a presentation.

The company pays us to get a decision. Step #3.

The company wants us to do step #1, #2, and #3.

The company already has tons of literature, websites, and videos for step #4, the presentation.

The only thing the company doesn’t want us to do is step #4. The presentation. The company can do that for us. They already have a video or a website or an opportunity meeting.

So a new distributor does this:

Skip step #1.

Skip step #2.

Skip step #3.

And says, “I am excited. Let me go out and give some presentations!” (Step #4.)

Yeah, the distributor skips to the only step he is not supposed to do.


Most people reading this totally “get it” – but if this sounds strange to you, then maybe no one ever told you about how network marketing actually works in the real world.