Facebook attraction marketing for network marketing with Sarah Amadi

Show Notes

Learning the skills and using them online 

Stop spamming
Using the algorithms, little robots
Groups have no algorithms

People do not like to be sold to
How to Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport book 

Attraction marketing
Getting prospects to ask you for more information
Setting up your profile

Stand out of the crowd
You want people to follow you, not your company

80/20 rule
Post early lifestyle or motivational
Interact in the comments
Chat via messenger

Facebook stories to mention products
Have the product in hand
Use magic words
What it helps with
Links and sales lingo will reduce your algorithm

Teaching on Facebook groups
Curiosity marketing
Goal is to take them to Messenger to solve their problem

6 levels of communication in the 
Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing book

Using voice messages on Facebook Messenger
Don’t go straight for the sale

Just keep asking questions
What does the prospect want

Using your products in public
Know what to say next
Read the books, zooms and get trained

Rhinoceros Success