Life movie script and mindset tips with Melissa Casteel

Show Notes

Intentional manifesting steps with Melissa Casteel podcast episode 

Energy vs victim mindset
Mindset and paradigms
We are a sponge until 2 years old
Paradigms dictate everything
Product of our programming

Emotional impacts can change our programming instantly
Use repetition
Where do you want to be two years from now

Write out a ‘life script’
Outline the day as you’d love for it to progress
Voice Loop app
‘Life movie’

How to Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business with Stories book

What is your color personality quiz

Paradigms are a box of limitations
‘Why me again’ to ‘I got this’

What is the good coming out of this
There will be detours

Conscience vs subconscious mind
The ant and the elephant

10 things you are grateful for
Writing causes thinking

Breaking the Brain Code book

Secrets to Mastering Your Mindset book

How to Get Motivated in 60 Seconds book

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