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Asking questions is the introvert advantage with Yvonne Kuchta

August 26, 2022

Show Notes

Introverts have the secret advantage
Earned the right to offer advice
Spend more time listening

5 great customers are extremely valuable
Started one person at a time and valued them 
Smaller events for focus

Average only ask 1 to 2 questions
Ask 14 questions chances are close to 100%
Probe deeper
What do I find interesting to get excited about

Understand how marketing funds work traditionally vs networking

Personal development
Before: a lot of effort for little pay
Now: getting paid a lot more than the hours you’re putting in

Reinvesting in your business
Child care
Percentage to reinvest and pay yourself
Fully showing up for your business
Fully showing up for your kids

Using a voice that is yours
Create rough content then refine
Use an app you know how to use already

So many benefits of the business not just money
Keep the fun

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